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  Pooja Timings
Here pooja practices are based on two disciplines- one as per vathula, which is one of the 28 Vedas of Shaivagama, and which includes the rituals of Bali (sacrifice); secondly, as per Vijaya yagama Shastra. The five different poojas performed at the temple everyday are during Dantadavana (brushing the teeth), morning, afternoon, evening (pradhosha) and night. Pradosha Pooja is also called as "Salam Mangalarathi". It is said that Tippu Sultan, the ruler of Srirangapatna, once arrived here during pradosha pooja, witnessed the Mangalarathi, and became so impressed with the Devi, that he offered a Salaam in Muslim tradition to the Goddess; hence the name came into use. Complementary to this account is the practice observed every year, when the Muslim brethren visit the temple on a specific day for the darshana of the Goddess. This special feature has been in vogue for many years now. Of the various festivals and other celebrations held at the
  temple, "Sharannavarathri" which is held usually during October, and "Brahma Rathotsava" held usually in the month of March are both very prominently observed. There are several instances of childless couples, the dumb, the blind and many such other people making a vow to the Goddess and realizing their desires.

  Pooja Timing Of Kollur Mookambika Temple
5:00 to 6:30 am Ekadravya- Eka Nalikera Ganahoma
6:30 am Danthadhavana Pooja, Guda Shunti Naivedyam
7:30 to 8:30 am Morning Pooja with Panchamritha Abhishekam, Thrimadhura and Anna
Naivedyam, Bali, Nithyothsava, Pallakki Uthsavam, Distribution of Thirthaprasadam
& Thrimudram. Pooja to the Parivara Devatas.
11:00 am onwards Mahapooja with Panchamrithabhishekam, Mahanaivedyam
12:30 pm (noon) Mahamangalarthi, Noon Bali Uthasavam
2:00 pm Kavatabandhanam (Door closure) In Mookambika Temple
12:30 to 2:00 pm Anna Prasadam- Free lunch for devotees
3:00 pm Kavatodghatanam, Devidarshanam begins for the afternoon
6:30 pm Pradoshakala Pooja begins In the Temple
7:30 pm Pooja with Panchamritham and Mahamangalarthi
8:00 to 8:15 pm Pooja to the Parivara Devatas, Mangalarthi
8:00 to 10:00 pm Anna Prasadam- Free meals for devotees
8:15 pm Rathripooja, Rathri Bali, Nithyothsavam in palaquin Ashthvadhana Seva at
Saraswathi Mantapa
9:00 pm Shayanothsavam, Kashaya Mangalarthi, Distribution of Kashaya Thirtham and then
Kavatabandhanam(Door closure)
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